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Discovering novel T cell receptors

We are focused on T cell receptor engineered T cell therapies, TCR-Ts, a promising modality that holds the potential to generate transformational responses in patients with solid tumors. Our unique approach to developing T cell therapies is based on our proprietary MyT platform, a next-generation T cell receptor and epitope discovery engine. We believe there are multiple benefits to leveraging our MyT platform to develop TCR-Ts.

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Discover novel, tumor-specific, human TCRs

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Generate TCRs of high affinity and specificity

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Target a broad array of cancer-related antigens

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Advancing portfolio of TCR therapies for solid tumors

Through the use of natural, fully human TCRs, T-knife’s product candidates are designed to induce an organically optimized immune signaling cascade intended to stimulate a potent T cell-driven immune response. Our TCR therapies target tumor-specific antigens in multiple, difficult to treat solid tumor indications.

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