We are advancing a proprietary portfolio of TCR-T product candidates, for which we retain worldwide commercial rights.

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TK-8001 TCR-T Targeting MAGE-A1 Positive Solid Tumors

TK-8001 is a CD8 TCR-T specific for the Melanoma-associated Antigen Gene-A1, or MAGE-A1. MAGE-A1 is associated with hallmarks of aggressive cancers and poor clinical prognosis, and there is an emerging body of evidence indicating its involvement as a potential driver of tumorigenesis. MAGE-A1 represents an attractive therapeutic target given the high unmet need in MAGE-A1 expressing cancers, no reported protein expression in healthy tissues other than testis and significant consistency of expression between the primary tumor and metastases. As high affinity TCRs specific for MAGE-A1 peptides in humans are eliminated through central tolerance, we believe our HuTCR platform is a differentiated means to discover and select MAGE-A1 specific TCRs with an optimal affinity and high specificity profile. 

Clinical Trials

Program Study Status Trial Description
Phase 1/2 Study
To be Initiated The IMAG1NE Phase 1/2 trial is an open-label, multi-center Phase 1/2 trial designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of TK-8001 in patients with MAGE-A1 positive solid tumors.